5 Signs Your Kid Needs New Shoes

5 Signs Your Kid Needs New Shoes

It's no secret kids grow SUPER fast! Here are some telltale signs their shoes are too small and it's time to size up!

1. They're in pain when you put their shoes on

The most obvious sign they need new shoes!

2. They're more clumsy when walking

Tripping when running or walking is sometimes a sign shoes are too small!

3. Their foot doesn't enter the shoe easily

Struggling with the heel of their foot? Time for new kicks!

4. Their shoe is TOO big

Buying bigger in the hopes they'll grow into it? Big mistake! Shoes need to fit properly, get their foot measured!

5. Their gait changes

Are they walking funny? Feet turning inward or are they waddling? If you notice they're walking different it might mean time for new shoes!

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