Sustainable Baby Registry Ideas

Sustainable Baby Registry Ideas

As parents and parents-to-be we want only the best for our baby. Whether you’re a first time mom or adding a little extra for baby number two (or three), there are cleaner, greener choices we can make for our family. Items that are not harmful, non-toxic, and even put this planet first. Here’s a list of sustainable items for mom and baby to add to every registry!

Essentials for Baby

There are some things that babies just need!

Cloth Diapers

Cloth diapers are probably the biggest step a parent can take to minimize their impact on this world. It’s no secret disposable diapers are not good for this earth (or for baby). Not to mention the continuous cost that diapers add up to be, when cloth is a one time hit. Cloth on the high side can cost $6-700 but can last for 3 children, while disposables can cost roughly $2,000 over 2 years for one child. Not only is it the greener option, it’s the one your wallet will like. My personal favorites are the GroVia cloth diapers.

Glass Baby Bottles

Glass is the safest choice for bottles. Glass does not emit any of the toxins that plastic does. Over time plastic bottles get “fogged up” and need to be replaced often, whereas glass can be reused endlessly – even after baby grows!

One of my favorites for this is the Mason Baby Bottle brand. You can get their DIY kit if you have mason jars at home. Big trusted baby brands have also made the switch to more conscious products. Dr. Brown’s and Avent both have glass bottle options.

Diaper Cream

Sustainable products mean that not only are the containers sustainable (glass vs plastic) but that the ingredients are also sustainably sourced and made. Diaper cream should be no exception! This goes directly on baby’s skin and should be void of toxic chemicals. Some great brands include Earth Mama and Mother Love Herb (which is also cloth diaper safe)!

Sustainable Clothing

Just like creams and balms, clothing directly touches baby’s skin and should be made from organic materials, free from chemicals, microplastics, or pesticides. The best materials to look out for are organic GOTS-certified cotton and bamboo.

Some popular brands include:

Monica + Andy

The Sustainable Baby Co

Burt’s Bees Baby

Wear Pact Baby

Simple Good

Essentials for Mom

Often times we fill the registry with stuff for baby, but we forget about mom and her needs postpartum. There are plenty of items for mom that are a must to have on any baby registry, especially given these are the sustainable choice.

Breastfeeding Supplies

Reusable Breastmilk Bags

If you’re a breastfeeding or pumping mama, you know how it hurts to cry over spilled milk. These reusable breastmilk bags by ZipTop are a live saver! (and milk saver) They can be stored standing or laying flat both in the fridge and freezer. Best part, when you open the bag the corner turns into an easy pour spout, getting every last drop in your (glass) bottle!

Washable Nursing Pads

Leaks happen! Sometimes it’s when baby is crying, or your thinking of your baby, or just because! Nursing pads are a great barrier to stop milk from seeping through your shirt! Opt for washable options to reduce waste and organic materials such as bamboo.

Nipple Cream

Cluster feedings or pumping can take a toll on our nipples. From cracking, to bleeding, or general discomfort – nipple cream is a lifesaver. Brands like Earth Mama and Mother Love Herb make natural, non-GMO cream that you don’t have to wash off before breastfeeding! They also come in glass jars you can repurpose later, or recycle.

Comfort Items

Organic Motherhood Pillow

This pillow is great for any and every mom. If you’re a c-section mom you can hold this close to help you sit up or when you cough, sneeze or laugh. For breastfeeding or general holding your baby close, the pillow provides support for your arms when holding your baby. The Moon Womb pillow by The Sustainable Baby Co is a great option made of organic materials which are sustainably sourced.

Baby Carriers/Wraps

You may be thinking, well baby carriers are for the baby. You’re half wrong, they are for mama and her peace of mind. Baby wearing allows the baby to stay close to mom, which usually keeps the baby calm and strengthens the bond. But I must say baby carriers are a godsend for a mom, allowing her to go about her day hands free. After all, there’s nothing worse than being nap trapped and having to use the bathroom. Many well known and trusted baby brands such as Ergobaby and Baby K’tan offer organic materials in their carriers and wraps.

Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming. Whether it’s your first or your fourth, things are always changing in terms of baby care. Which is why we should try to give them the most natural, non toxic options as possible. Going green is not all or nothing, a small shift in being conscious of what you consume is a big step. I hope these give you ideas for your registry. If you need ideas, I’ve compiled a small registry for baby #2 if you need inspo! *Disclaimer – since our kids are so close in age there are no clothes on here – but if you read above there are great options!

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