Slowvember: Sustainable Shopping this Holiday Season

Slowvember: Sustainable Shopping this Holiday Season

If the last almost two years have taught us anything, it’s to take it slow.

Forget the holiday rush and the push for shopping on one day a year. Yes, I enjoy gift giving during the holidays, but let’s take our Christmas shopping slow this year. Not only do we not have to wait for deals (they’re happening all month long!), but also take in mind the strain online holiday shopping had on our shipping services like the USPS.

When buying gifts this year, let’s be conscious consumers. Gifts and companies that keep the planet in mind are at the top of everyone’s list! Here are ten of my favorites with deals all season long:

Gifts for a Sustainable Home

Whether they are a homemaker, baker, chef, or home all day these gifts are perfect for a mindful home.

  1. AeroGarden

Perfect for the home chef, the green thumb, or someone looking to be more self sufficient, AeroGarden makes the perfect gift!

The seed pods contain no herbicide, no pesticide, and are non-GMO seeds and are great for any season.

With easy to grow herbs, veggies, and flowers, this countertop garden is a gift that gives and gives freshness all year round!

What’s even better is AeroGarden is giving away 1 AeroGarden a day for 30 days all November long! Just head over to their website for more details!

2. Cozy Earth

Whether you’re looking for the softest sheets ever or pj’s that will keep you cool all night, look no further than Cozy Earth. Their products are made with bamboo, a naturally renewable fiber that is temperature regulating. Between the PJ’s and the sheets you will never want to get out of bed!

Cozy Earth has shared an exclusive code for my readers! Use VIAJESCONMAMI45 for 45% off this holiday season!

3. Our Place

Instagram’s favorite house wear brand is actually a sustainable one! With ethical labor practices, to their many community initiatives such as their partnership with the Los Angeles Food Policy Counsel, Our Place is a company that is taking steps to make change. Not only that, but their infamous Always Pan, Perfect Pot, and bowls and cups are pieces of your kitchen you’ll always want to display.

Gifts for the Conscious Child

4. Organic Clothing

Kid’s skin is usually more sensitive that adults, which is why organic materials such as organic cotton and bamboo are better for their bodies! Check out Goumi Kids Cotton + Bamboo lounge sets. Or maybe a cute chunky sweater from Simple Good made with organic cotton. Soft, sustainable materials that are sure to last.

5. Alphabet Affirmation Cards

Created by Kids for Culture, these Alphabet Affirmation Cards not only will help familiarize your child with the letters of the alphabet, but also give them a better sense of self. These 26 cards will build your child’s confidence, practice positivity, and boost mindfulness with affirmations you can use daily.

6. Honeysticks Original Crayons

Did you ever stop and think of what’s in crayons? Honeysticks did, and that’s why they created their original beeswax crayons with vibrant colors and 100% food safe ingredients. Not only are these crayons the perfect size for toddlers and kids, but the packaging is recyclable and sustainable! They even have bath crayons that I ordered for my toddler this year!

Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Mom

Moms work hard 24/7/365, why not show some appreciation this Christmas with gifts that will make any mom, and mother earth, happy.

7. Gift card for Of an Origin

Of an Origin is a sustainably made clothing line for every stage of motherhood. Their slogan “Wear Plants, not Plastic” highlights their commitment to naturally derived fabrics that don’t skip out on comfort. These pieces are designed to be worn way past motherhood, and made to last.

8. Name Ring

There’s nothing more that moms love than their own kids. Why not celebrate that love with jewelry? Mint and Lily has beautiful pieces that celebrates the blessings in life. With their double name ring or MAMA necklace, these classic pieces are sure to fill any parents heart.

Gifts for the Eco-Friendly Family

9. Matching Holiday PJs

This is one gift it’s best to plan ahead for, or get ready for your family Christmas cards! Matching PJ’s are the cutest way to celebrate the holidays and wear while you’re opening up presents! Lazy One’s family matching pj’s are not only affordable, but they are made wit azo-free dyes, made in factories with strong environmental protection policies, and their tags and packaging are made of recycled and recyclable materials.

10. Annual Membership to a Local Museum

I’m a big believer in gifting experiences. I also love nothing more than when that gift also supports local organizations and businesses. Gifting a family membership to a local zoo, science, art, or children’s museum is an invaluable gift that allows for learning and bonding at the same time! These annual memberships pay for themselves with regular admission and special members-only events. It’s sustainable because not only does this gift not generate waste, but supports organizations that are crucial to community development!

The holidays are fast approaching, and will be here before you know it! Getting an early start will not only guarantee your gifts on time, but also ensure our mail carriers and shipping providers don’t get overwhelmed. Let’s be mindful of our consumption this holiday season and take a conscious approach to the products we buy and brands we support.

Happy Holidays!

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