Sedano’s Santa Celebration

Sedano’s Santa Celebration

When I was younger, I remember my mom dressing my brother and I up in matching holiday outfits and dragging us to Macy’s on 34th Street to see Santa. More than anything I remember the lines! I was so bored waiting on that line, just to see Santa for maybe 30 seconds. I promised myself I would never do the same to my children. Luckily times have changed, and now you can meet Santa right in your own living room. Thanks to Sedano’s Santa Celebration, you can experience a virtual call with Santa Claus! 

*This post is sponsored by Sedano’s. The opinions and text are all mine.

How it Works

When you shop at Sedano’s this holiday season you’ll be entered to win a virtual visit from Santa and other awesome prizes! Entering is as easy as buying the groceries you and your family already enjoy. There’s no better way to get your family in the holiday spirit than to talk to Father Christmas himself!

Not only is this call personal, but you will even be able to download your call to relive this moment again and again or share it with loved ones! 

Video Call with Santa

Before Santa’s virtual visit, mom or dad will get an email from the North Pole! From there I was able to personalize our experience by filling out a quick questionnaire with things he loved, sibling or grandparents names, and what Santiago wanted for Christmas. You should have seen his eyes get wide when Santa knew he loved dinosaurs! That’s a moment I will never forget. It was also “snowing” on our call with Santa which was nice to see since we’re in sunny Florida!

I love that this call was so special for us. Santa took the time to talk with Santiago, even when he was feeling a little shy. He congratulated Santiago on being a great big brother to baby Camilo, and even asked about our pups Mango and Kiwi! This is the first Christmas that Santi knows what’s going on, and I’m glad that we were able to download this memory to cherish forever! 

Santi was a bit shy at first, but Santa did a great job of bringing him out of his shell. He showed Santiago some special holiday magic, and brought a lot of good cheer! I really appreciate how patient Santa was. Despite Santi’s timidness, Santa, or rather the computer screen got a big hug at the end of our call!

Memories to Cherish

Since this is the first year in our new home, I love that I can send our video to family back in New York. It’s a great way for our loved ones to see our little ones and get a subtle sneak peak into what their Christmas list is looking like this year! I also really love that we didn’t have to leave our house for such an awesome experience! Even better, you can be in your Christmas PJ’s when you await Santa’s call! There was definitely magic during our time with Santa, and I know you’ll feel it when Santa visits your family this holiday season!

Remember from November 3rd to December 12th you have the chance to win a call with Santa when you pick up participating products at your local Sedano’s. Head on over to to sign up to win your virtual visit from Santa. It’s as easy as restocking your Klondike Cones or Breyer’s Ice Cream! 

This is one holiday experience I think I’ll be making a tradition for my family. After all, who wants to wait in long lines at the mall? After your first virtual visit you’ll make it a tradition too! Just don’t forget to bring the milk and cookies!

And when you talk to Santa, let him know we say hello!

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