Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure

Ahoy Mateys!

In Orlando and looking for something to do that’s not Disney?
Maybe you want a cool interactive experience for the whole family?
Look no further than The Pirate’s Dinner Adventure!

Just a block away from International Drive in Orlando sits the most exciting dinner you will ever experience! There’s singing, sword fighting, insane acrobatics, & plenty of references that will get the adults in on the action. Oh, and did I mention a delicious 3 course dinner!? It’s a swashbuckling good time for the entire family!

Get in early!

Before the show even starts there is plenty of action to get in on! When you arrive to the theater there is a huge ship perfect to snap some pics of your little pirates in front of. After you get your tickets there are a few photo ops with props and even a scary sea monster!

Once you walk through you’ll be greeted by the gift shop to get some cool pirate booty… I mean merch. Maybe a pirate hat and sword, or cool pirate mugs. There is also two full bars for the grown ups to quench their thirst before hitting the sea and the show!

You’ll then be taken to your seats to get settled in and get your drinks. There is also an additional menu if you wanted to treat yourself to some appetizers. We ordered the guac + chips, fried calamari, and fries and it was all so good! Not to mention it came out fast which is a plus when you have hungry kids!

Each seating section is divided by color, which also corresponds to a pirate. Before the action begins, your pirate comes out to recruit some lucky sailors for a special mission for later on in the show. Trust me, you’ll want to get there early!


Each ticket comes with a 3 course meal or a kids meal. We each had a caesar salad, I had the chicken while my husband had the pork dish, and of course dessert! For our son he got mac + cheese with chicken nuggets, what kid doesn’t love that combo? I was pleasantly surprised how good the food was! If only they offered seconds!

Dessert was a delicious brownie that I may or may not have eaten mine plus a good chunk of my son’s. I’m not even sorry, it was that good!

A Swashbuckling Show

Once we were settled with our first course the show had begun! We meet this rowdy group of pirates who have captured a princess and a mermaid! There is so much action I don’t even know where to begin! We have pirates swinging from the bow of the ship, cannons blasting, singing, and sword fighting!

Disclaimer: there are loud noises and bright lights throughout the show. Some kids/adults may be sensitive to these things so it’s good to know when you plan your visit. For our youngest son we used noise cancelling earmuffs. We know they worked because he fell asleep during one of the biggest battles of the show!

The show was just as entertaining for the kids as it was the adults. The storyline was easy and exciting for the kids to follow. Yet captivating and filled with pop-culture references for millennial parents and grandparents to have a good laugh.

Participation is highly encouraged. You’ll cheer on your pirate from start to finish! Adults and kids may even be recruited as pirates; so be on the lookout for the adventures that await you and your family at Pirate’s Dinner Adventure!

It’s a Pirate Life for Me

We had such an amazing time that I would go again! Pirate’s Dinner Adventure was a great show close to all the action in Orlando. If you’re looking for something different to do with your family, I highly recommend grabbing tickets to see the show!

Pirate’s Dinner Adventure is celebrating 25 years of showtime! To celebrate, they’re offering 25% off of tickets!

Head over to Pirate’s Dinner Adventure’s website and use code Celebrate25 or walk the plank! I promise it’s an adventure you won’t regret!

Thank you so much to the Pirates for having us! We’ll be back once baby Camilo and Santiago are older to enjoy the show again!

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