How to Share the World with Your Partner

How to Share the World with Your Partner

Everyone dreams of traveling the world with someone you love. But a baecation can quickly turn into a bomb. How can you avoid international disaster? Because nothing is worse than being stuck abroad with a now-ex!

Traveling not only brings out the best in people, but also the worst! Maybe it’s the first time you’ll be alone together for an extended period of time, or maybe it’s the first time waking up next to each other! I remember the first time my boyfriend and I traveled together, I was so nervous he would be turned off from my annoying pre-travel rituals, not to mention the anxiety I get before boarding a plane! But 4 years and 13 trips later, we have mastered a travel plan that works for us. Here’s some tips to work out before your next (or first) getaway with your significant other!


Start Small, Stay Local

Before you and your partner start planning an all-inclusive getaway, you should be sure you can stand being in the same confined space for an extended period of time. Let’s hope by now you’ve at least spent the night together, if not start there. You and your partner can work your way up to a weekend getaway in a nearby town. Road trips are always my favorite way for a quick getaway.

Start a Travel Fund, Together

There is no quicker way to start an argument than money problems. Traveling doesn’t always mean expensive, but that doesn’t mean one of you is paying for everything. One great thing my boyfriend and I started doing is putting at least $20 a week in a safe space. Once the money adds up, that can be used to book your flights, or as spending cash on your trip! I personally love Digit,* a great app that not only lets you set up different savings goals, but you can join in on a goal with your friends (or SO) and see how much you save together!


Talk About Your Travel Styles & Plan Ahead

Do you like to wake up at the crack of dawn to start exploring but your SO likes sleeping in? Or maybe your boyfriend or girlfriend likes museums and festivals. Talking about what interests you in your travels will help map out any conflicts of interests before they happen! It will also allow you guys to make a rough draft plan of interests and activities that you may both enjoy, or have to compromise on. Planning ahead is always a good idea in order to optimize the time on the trip. But planning leads me to my next point…

Don’t Put TOO Much Pressure on Planning

Of course we always plan things out in our heads, but it rarely goes that way. To travel is to be open to the unexpected, because you should always expect the unexpected! So many things that are out of your control can happen, missed or delayed flight connections, getting sick, phone issues, etc. Too much planning doesn’t leave room for disaster in case it strikes. Plus, what if you decide to spend more time on one activity, or you find out a really cool show is in town but your itinerary says you need to be somewhere else in five minutes? There is nothing worse than your partner throwing a fit because you’re “behind schedule.” While you should plan your activities, make sure you’re not jam-packing your day to leave room for adjustments.

The Peak, Providencia, Colombia

Don’t Feel Offended to Take Time Apart

Just because you are traveling together doesn’t mean you have to do everything together. Just as you need your space at home, take your space abroad too. Maybe there is something that interest one of you and not both of you, take that time and do it alone! This trip is about both of you, so make sure you both get to do what you’d like, even if that means doing it separately. Trust me, it’s much better to get your time alone than to miss out on something important which can lead to a fight or feelings of resentment later on.

Pack Snacks

Underestimated but very important, especially if you have an action packed day of sightseeing. Having a hangry partner is no fun! Pack some snacks and don’t forget them. This is to help you and your partner get along for the duration of a long day!


Okay, I know I talked about this already when it came to planning, but seriously, compromise is key! You are doing this trip together for a reason. If you wanted to only do your own thing – travel solo! You need to keep in mind some things are important to your partner too, and it’s a really good feeling to be able to share in something they enjoy doing. After all, don’t you want to see your significant other happy!? You can’t control every aspect of the trip, so be mindful and take a step back to let your SO handle things too.

Teatro Alicia Alonso, Havana, Cuba

I know when I travel, I am super particular when it comes to taking pictures and setting up the right angles. Thankfully my boyfriend is super patient. (Then again, he recently got me a tripod so now I am questioning this!) All jokes aside, we have 13 trips under our belt, both Stateside and abroad. There are always, and will continue to be, uncomfortable and less-than-ideal situations when we travel together.

For example, I get super anxious when it comes to boarding the plane, and I’m always trying to be the first to board (and the first to get off once we land). My partner has been so patient and good at trying to distract me when it’s time for these things. Just like I know I’m the one who has to be in charge of flight info and have it accessible. These are things we learned to balance only after trial and error. I’m very lucky that he loves to travel as much as me, and he is absolutely more patient than I am.

I will never sit here and say traveling with your partner is easy, or always romantic. It absolutely is not! However, traveling with your partner is a great way to see the good and bad in him/her. Taking someone out of their comfort zone is when you can see their true character, how they handle certain situations, and how they interact with people and different cultures. If you are unsure if your partner is the one, go on a long trip. As the great American writer Mark Twain said, “I have found out that there ain’t no surer way to find out whether you like people or hate them than to travel with them.”

So go on your adventure together! Hopefully you come back stronger than ever with amazing memories.

San Juan, Puerto Rico




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