10 Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers

10 Eco-Friendly Disposable Diapers

It’s no secret that disposable diapers create a huge problem in our landfills, estimated to need 500 years to decompose. Being that disposables were invented around the 1950’s that means not us, not our parents, nor our grandparents have outlived disposable diaper waste.

While cloth diapering is the most sustainable option, it isn’t for everyone for reasons ranging from economic factors, to not having access to a regular laundry and wash routine. Not to mention the toxins and chemicals that most mainstream disposables carry. Don’t worry, my fellow planet loving parents – there are better options!

Let’s break down 10 of the most eco-friendly disposable diaper options, and dig deeper to what that really means!

1. Seventh Generation

Seventh Generation diapers are a sustainable choice. These diapers are made with sustainably sourced wood pulp and omit toxins like fragrances, bleach, and chlorine.

These diapers are breathable and keep moisture away from babies skin – a good choice for sensitive skin. The company also works with The Rainforest Alliance to help fight against deforestation

2. Healthy Nest

Healthy Nest are also a sustainable choice. Made with plant based materials and without added dyes and toxins. They are also the first diapers to be EWG certified which upholds strict standards to confirm a product is toxin free. If you’ve never heard of these diapers you’ve most certainly heard of their parent company Happy Family Organics which make top of the line, organic, baby and toddler food.

3. Abby & Finn

Abby & Finn is another great choice when looking for a diaper free of chlorine, fragrance, and dyes. Best of all, these are competitively priced and cheaper than other eco-friendly diaper alternatives. When you sign up for their subscription delivery service you can save 30%!

4. Dyper

Dyper brand are made of sustainable bamboo without added toxins or chemicals like latex, alcohol, or phosphates. They are safe for babies skin and biodegradable! Best of all they have a REDYPER program which lets you send back used diapers to be properly composted through TerraCycle to be used in projects all around the world!

5. Honest Diapers

Founded by Jessica Alba after the birth of her first child, The Honest Company provides safer alternatives to the toxins in mainstream baby and household products. The diapers are hypoallergenic, plant based, sustainably sourced, and most recognized for their wide array of prints.

6. Earth & Eden

Earth & Eden is setting a new standard in disposable diaper production. Not only are they sustainably sourced, but they’re made in an entirely zero-waste facility. While these are free from latex, lotions, parabens, chlorine, and fragrance – they do contain polyethylene/polypropylene which is something to keep in mind.

7. Coterie

Definitely considered a ‘luxury diaper brand,” Coterie has soft and absorbent diapers for your little ones. While not the most sustainable (only 25% is made of plant based materials) they partner with organizations that fund renewable energy sources as well as donating unused diapers to those in need.

8. Joone

Joone was founded on the principal of transparency. They have set high standards on the quality and traceability of their ingredients. Even providing the toxicology and clinical reports for their diapers. Made with sustainably sourced raw materials, they include non-toxic ingredients and are 100% biodegradable. Setting a high standard for other sustainable disposable brands.

9. Eco-Originals

The first plastic neutral diaper company, these diapers are made with 90% plant based materials. The company also dedicates themselves to building ethical recycling systems, renewable energy projects, and plant 1 tree per order. They offset the carbon from every order, which makes them zero-impact on carbon emissions. The diapers are 93% compostable and their wipes are 100% home compostable!

10. Eco by Naty

Founded by a mom for her own children, this brand of eco-friendly diapers were one of the first on the market (about 25 years). The diapers use renewable and compostable materials, like 100% wood pulp and is 85% compostable. They are also super transparent about their ingredient list and make a line of eco-friendly women’s care products.

How to Choose?

There are many brands with different values, ingredients, and price points. So, how do you choose the right eco-friendly disposable for your family? It really depends on you! There is no wrong answer, as sustainability is not linear. As I always say, we must focus on progress, not perfection. Even these small steps to a sustainable diaper is a big step in the long term well-being of our planet.

That being said, there were more mainstream brands that I chose to omit. While many claim to be better for the planet, that is not always the case and tends to greenwash in order to cater to a wider, more conscious customer base. I suggest looking into the ingredients and transparency of the brand you chose, like if they willingly share their supply chain and sourcing.

Either way, I am proud of you for taking a step in the greener direction. For you, for your family, and for our planet!


  1. You know what the most eco friendly diapers are?? Cloth. Lol. No one seems to understand this, but the way our ancestors did things was the most eco friendly method of everything. They always “reduced, reused, recycled.”

    • I agree 100% and we actually cloth too! However many people don’t or can’t cloth whether due to lack of financial resources to get started, no washing machine whatever barriers it may be! That’s why I promote progress, not perfection! If cloth isn’t the answer then at LEAST pick a better option from this list

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