Easy Ways to be Sustainable with Babies

Easy Ways to be Sustainable with Babies

Babies, it all goes so fast but how does something so little go through so much waste!? Seriously, the average newborn goes through an average of 10 diapers a day. Now times that by the amount of years disposable diapers take to breakdown – roughly 500 years! There are conscious changes we can make to better our children’s future on this earth. It doesn’t mean making huge changes, but just knowing what is better for you, and your family.

This blog post was made possible by my friends at Goodnest

  1. Cloth Diapering

    Cloth usually gets met with a side eye and some disbelief, that is until they try it for themselves. It’s not as overwhelming or dirty as is often assumed. In fact, it’s the cleaner way to live. Cloth diapers can be reused for up to three children. (Depending on care) Not only that, but they beat disposables by being made with natural materials (think hemp and bamboo), and there is no plastic touching your baby’s bottom. Cloth diapering also saves you money in the long run, we’re talking in the thousands. It’s time we rethink reusables for babies.
  1. Goodnest

    Making sustainability accessible is what I like to see! Enter, Goodnest. Available at Targets nationwide, this line of baby care items is earth loving, plastic free, and better for baby. Their 3-in-1 body wash, shampoo and conditioner is gentle on our little one’s skin, with soft suds and no added dyes, synthetics, parabens or phthalates. 

The silicone bottles are reusable. Pair it with the cleaning tablets and water and you have some gentle baby cleaning power. Check out this video breakdown of Goodnest. 

  1. Baby Clothing Rental Membership

    It’s no secret that babies grow out of their clothes in the blink of an eye. Even though you probably got an overload of cute outfits as gifts, the reality is they’re in pjs all day just like mom. That’s where clothing rental memberships come in. Pick what you like in the online closet, use it until your baby gets too big and send it back. Repeat as necessary! You don’t have to worry about buying a ton of clothes and having a closed loop system means clothes are doing their job and being loved!
  1. Make Homemade Purees

    Knowing where your food comes from, and better yet locally produced food helps minimize your carbon footprint and impact on the environment. Making your own purees are a great way to know exactly what your baby is eating. It’s also a great way to prevent food waste, by using what you already have in your fridge. A mix of fruit, veggies, and even meats can be steamed and pureed for your baby’s food journey!

Being sustainable doesn’t mean a huge lifestyle change. It just means more conscious choices of what you buy and use in your home. Personally, I always look for ingredients that are plant based with no added chemicals, parabens, or plastic. Another huge factor for me is longevity. Will I be able to use this product or the packaging it comes in for a while? If not, is it easily recyclable?

Plus starting to make sustainable swaps young will make it normal for our children as they grow. They will be raised knowing we need to care for the world around us. The changes we make today will become the norm if we just keep it up! All I know is that if we don’t care for our planet now, then our kids won’t have much of it left to enjoy. We can all do our part for our planet, our kids, and future generations to come! 

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