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Who Am I / Quien soy yo



My name is Alyssa, welcome to my adventure!

I was born in Sfax, Tunisia. A small country in North Africa.
(and yes, this was my life before it was a meme!)

I left Tunisia as a baby, and my mother brought me to New York City where I lived most of my life. Growing up, I was confused to say the least! I was raised by my Cuban mother, in a family with Cuban, Italian, Colombian, and Spanish influences. I never knew where I belonged. I used to joke when people asked me my nationality that I was Nuyorquina (a New Yorker) because NYC is the perfect blending of cultures which I felt represented me.


Traveling opened up my eyes to the world, and becoming a mother made me realize the importance of protecting it. That is why I embarked on a sustainable-ish lifestyle. Sustainable living is about progress not perfection! I try to be conscious with my choices to protect our home, our kids, and above all, our planet.

Now, I live in Orlando with my two incredible sons, my husband, and two pups – Mango + Kiwi! Everyday is a new adventure and a new opportunity to learn.

Join us on our journey around the world, through motherhood, and sustainable living.

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“Un libro, como un viaje, se comienza con inquietud y se termina con melancolía” -José Vasconcelos